Seena Joy

A freelance writer, Seena is the editor and writer for Empowering Minds and ThoughtsShe believes that empowered individuals empower a society and writes about living, people, lifestyle and philosophy. She is a travel writer for The Road Less Travelled and a regular columnist for Women's Web and The World Web NewsShe also freelance and guest writes for various publications and website columns, on living and travel among others.

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Sara Ann

Being a social worker, and a keen observer, listener and thinker, Sara often finds herself with stories that are worth telling. She writes about people, relationships and living, and is interested in travel and writing. She is a columnist at Women's Web and at other online forums.

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Dina Nisthar

Dina is a psychology major and an environmentalist worker. She loves travelling, art, philosophy and writes about philosophy on Empowering Minds.

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