12 May 2014

10 Habits of Highly Confident Women

Confidence is the belief in oneself and one's abilities and power. Confident people exude a sense of charisma, optimism and composure. They attract positivity and optimistic people into their life.  If you notice, people with high confidence levels show certain distinctive characteristics in their personality when compared to others. And if it is a woman, people note them with raised heads. Here are some behavioural traits of highly confident women.

1. She stands for herself.

'Soar free and high'  by © Muthukumar Balachandran
She never lets anyone take her for granted or disrespect her. She never allows anyone- be it family, friend or colleague -walk all over her, let whatever may happen; if someone acts so, she either walks out of it or make them behave.  She considers herself with high regard and hence never let anyone take her - her time, energy, body, talents, dreams- for granted.  She plants her feet firmly to the ground and never tolerate disrespect to her in any regard. She knows to leave when situations do not work out for her, and move on without any unnecessary guilt.

2. She does, because she wants to.

And doesn't, because she just doesn't want to. She doesn't do things because it is expected of her, or others want her to be or do so. She knows what she wants. She does what needs to be done. She doesn't care whether the sun revolves around her or she revolves around the sun.  And she simply ignores the rest.

3. She maintains her independence.

She has dignity and honour.  She believes in standing on her own feet rather than depending on others to take care of her needs. She asserts her independence in every aspect of her life. Independence doesn't mean she keeps herself detached from people due to pride or vanity. It means, she prefers to keep her integrity intact rather than depend on others, and knows clearly, when to ask for help or be interdependent.

4. She puts herself first.

She is not into people pleasing. She looks after herself and put her needs first. She knows that, if only she can keep herself content and fit first, - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually - can she take care of others or her work or even do any greater good.  She is aware that she loses the sense of who she is if she always gives in to others wants and opinions.

5. She may not always appear 'nice'.

Of course, she is a nice woman- gentle, kind, compassionate, loving - but she never gives in to anyone just to please or be popular or for anyone's approval. She is not manipulative or cold, but stern when she needs to be,  with her foot on the ground, silent when needed, and let her actions speak for herself. Only her opinion of herself is what that really matters to her.

6. She is confident about her sexuality.

She doesn't need to overtly dress or appear modest and real nice, to attract men.  She does not chase men or is a husband catcher, yet men always seem intrigued by her and she is constantly pursued. She may or may not be good-looking; but she appears sexy and appealing to them. Her sexuality is her whole package - her personality, her confidence, her traits and not just looks - and this is what people are attracted to. She knows when to dress up and down, and is confident of her sexuality. She chooses men based on what she wants.  Her life never revolves around him – she has a life of her own and maintains it. She knows her worth -she treats herself like 'one in a million', not 'one among a million'.

7. She is responsible for herself.

She knows what she is doing and takes responsibility for herself and her life. She understands that she is responsible for her life and her choices, and hence makes confident choices or changes them as needed. If she makes sacrifices, she does it because she wants to and sticks with it without complaining.

8. She fights her own battles.

She is never a ‘damsel in distress’, and doesn't wait for a 'Prince Charming' to come to her rescue. She takes responsibility for her life and the mess in it, and does something about it. However impossible her situation maybe, she will find her own way. She is aware that she is the one responsible for her happiness and that there is a limit for others in doing so for her.

9. She believes in herself and trusts her intuitions.

She values her life and her dreams and will always be working towards it. She knows what she wants in life and prioritizes her life and dreams above anything else, since she knows that she alone is responsible for her own happiness. She is passionate about her life and is ambitious. She listens to her inner voice and uses that as her guide.

10. She never explains herself to others.

Nor does she need to. She doesn't give reasons for her actions - she explains, only on a ‘need to know’ basis. She takes responsibility for her actions, words and her thoughts. It’s not that she is a 'suffer in silence' type or passive.  It’s just that she is mindful of her tongue and does not wear her heart on her sleeve.

If you observe, you may notice a few women with such traits around you and they might be known as the 'high maintenance required' one or 'you don’t mess with that kind' one . It's interesting to see how the society  differently acknowledges a confident man and a confident woman!!!  Nevertheless, a highly confident woman is never bothered about approvals, and she always appears cool and stress- less. She is never afraid to be alone. Whatever situation her life is in, a confident woman is content with her life, simply because she is in control of it. 

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