14 February 2016

To happiness, joy and a great spectacle of a lifetime

Light up

Stumbling through leaves
and stepping on stones
along a deep dark forest trail
hunched trees peer down
cupped branches entrap darkness.
Along the most unlikely forest bend
glinted a few tiny sparkling hints.
Gathering pace I gaze and squint
at a galaxy of stars
propped up on bushes near and far.

Hedged within reality
on the horizon of fantasy
is a forest of stars.
Afraid to appear
yet here they are.
It's no lie
the foreplay of fireflies
They come alive and begin to play
hide and seek, slowly they stray.
Eavesdropping on the sweet talk
I took a walk
with my thoughts
fleeting wings and pulsing joy.

I hook my palm and stole a star.
Then I had to let it go
The only way to enjoy the glow.
I thought of a jar
full of stars.
But captured and jarred
they would burn and char.
Fireflies and joy are meant to fly
though they may seem fleetingly shy
yet lasting in the minds eye.

I seek not what I find
I bind not what's meant to fly
Memories of joy will always light up.
Now I step back and watch the show
as the rhythm peaks and flashes flow
A forest fire in cold glow

April 2015

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