01 May 2014

"What's dead must stay dead" - On Digging up the Past

Known for its quirkier and funnier scripts, this is one of the frequent quotes of the leading protagonist of the TV series - Supernatural. The fans of Supernatural know what it means – You don’t go digging up the dead; if you do so, do it at your own risk; because it’s going to backfire for sure – and the ‘Hardy Boys’ will raise a hell…!
'Mr.R.Graves, Syracuse' by ©© Flickr/Jake Shivery

Lifetimes are made of glorious, exciting, adventurous and happier moments, along with heart-breaking, dreadful, depressed and boring ones, with its share of the pie. Often during these dragging moments, especially the dull ones, people think of the ‘good ol’ days’ and the excitement and happiness of those times. And often, many, instead of cherishing those golden happier memories, try recreating it, to bring back the missing excitement. They dig up the dead experiences and memories to relive them, only to find that it was not as exciting as they thought it would be.

Moments last only for the moment and once dead can never come back.
Some, dig up moments and experiences of their younger days – the exciting adrenaline filled days of youth, especially when their life clock strikes middle age – and try to relive those once exciting and happier but now dead moments. Some, like the married, missing the excitement and freedom of their old bachelorhood days, go for, outside marriage affairs and relationships with younger women or men, hoping to rekindle the passion and excitement as in their first love. Some, being burdened by guilt, insecurity or regret, dig up past incidents or relationships, hoping to make it right the second time. However, sooner or later, many realize that the fun and excitement that they thought can be rekindled by reliving the past does not exist anymore, and one will never be able to enjoy any golden moments in any other time frame or circumstance other than when it was meant to be experienced. Some, who still do not realize or accept it even when the facts are so evident in front of them, end up messing their present, even much better, lives.

“There is a time for everything, for every purpose under the sun”.
There is nothing wrong in making up with people, mending broken relationships, taking up studies or seeking out love. But it is the true purpose and intention of it, whether to make a genuine change or just bring back the old excitement factor, is what that makes the difference. Because, moments last only for the moment and once dead can never come back.

‘Hall Pass’ is an interesting and funny movie that actually shows the reality, when two married guys missing their good old times of bachelorhood try to relive those days when they get a ‘hall pass’ for it. In the end, they realize that even when given a chance to go back to their dreamy young days, there is no excitement in living it again and they simply couldn’t enjoy it anymore, and their present, whichever state it is in, could never get better than it is now.

Each moment in life is meant to be, and be enjoyed in that right appropriate time. Like the biblical saying, “There is a time for everything, for every purpose under the sun”. You are, where you are meant to be in each phase of your life. So cherish the moments of life as they come by – good or bad – and let what is dead remain dead in its grave.

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